hamachi-gui version 0.9.5!

Mar 8, 2008 by Viktor Nordell


  1. New translations for the es and no locales.
  2. Several bug fixes.
  3. New features:
    1. Option to show or not to show the quit dialog.
    2. Copy address menu option.
    3. Settings for keep-alive and static UDP port.
    4. Option to change the main windows font and color.

Check the download/install page to get it!

hamachi-gui version 0.9.0!

Jan 8, 2007 by Viktor Nordell

Whats new:

  1. Translation support with translations (sv, it, fr, de, pl).
  2. Added about screen.
  3. "Keep hamachi running" dialog.
  4. Menu item with icon.
  5. Code clean up.
  6. Some bug fixes:
    1. show network option was inverted.
    2. hamachi logout issue.
    3. minor color issues.
    4. save config file on quit bug.

New release!

Jan 8, 2007 by Viktor Nordell

I'm proud to present hamachi-gui version 0.8.1!
Whats new:

  1. Settings file
  2. Settings Window
  3. Transparent/Blured Main window (optional, requires compiz)
  4. A lot of small fixes

Sneak peek!

Jan 5, 2007 by Viktor Nordell

A sneak peek of what's to come.

Large version.

Hamachi-guis website!

Jan 4, 2007 by Viktor Nordell

I finally got around to creating a web site and a sourceforge project for hamachi-gui and I will soon release a new version of the program!

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